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Teaching Yoga Online

So last week I taught my first class online EVER and it was successful enough now if I do say so myself.

A BIG Thank You to everyone for the support and for joining in. Honestly, I had no intentions of teaching online and I was very happy teaching my one class a week at YoGrá Yoga Studio in Kilcock and assisting Christine the studio owner in workshops plus another private class for school teachers in Clane. I loved setting up the space before students arrived, essential oils, candles, props a plenty and music. I equally loved attending beautiful yoga studios for my own practice in between teaching, then BANG! and Corona Virus or COVID19 suddenly took Ireland by storm. All schools shut down, Pubs closed and Yoga Studios temporarily dúnta.

What to do? How do you work from home as a Yoga Teacher? Having never taught online before, was this something I could do? The answer was and is YES! With a little help from my friends, the advice of other amazing yoga teachers, the internet and a lot of luck, I ZOOMed through my Sunday Hatha class online. Excuse the pun but it seems Zoom is the way forward for now for us yoga teachers and on Friday I set up my second online class. The first time I taught on zoom I didn't realise I had to or even could mute all my participants so every cough, breath, creaky floor, playing child and barking dog could be heard from everyone. We learn from our mistakes though and my second zoom class faired a lot better. Yay! I'm excited again now to be learning new things and teaching yoga in this way. I also know for a fact that we all need yoga right now, calming the body and calming the mind. Who knows how long we will be in self-isolation for. I'm trying not to dwell on that for too long and instead focusing positive energy on being grateful for what we do have and the power of connecting online. So I hope to see you (Virtualy) for class online soon.

Grá Mór,


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